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Here you'll find a running list work-in-progress of all involved in making Hausa films. If you're a fan of Hausa films or just want to contribute, you can easily sign uplog inand start adding and editing this list.

Your contributions are greatly be appreciated! User Tools Login. Site Tools. Alkali Director Kenneth H. Muhammad Director, Writer Sadiq N. Mafia Director Salisu T. Sulaiman Writer. Abba El-Mustapha.

nuhu dan kano song

Abba M. Abbas Sadiq. Abdul M Shariff. Abdullahi 4real. Abubakar Baballe Hayatu.

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Abubakar Dan Auta. Adam A. Ahmad Ali Nuhu. Al-Amin Buhari.

A Word of Caution To Kano and Northern Princes, By Bashir Ibrahim Dabo

Ali Nuhu. Aminu Baba Ari. Aminu Shariff. Baban Chinedu. Bashir Nayaya. Rabiu Daushe. Hamisu Lamido Iyantama. Ibrahim Daddy. Ibrahim Maishunku. Isa Bello Ja. Kabiru Nakwango. Lawan Ahmed. Muhammad Sani Idris.

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Mustapha Musty. Nuhu Abdullahi. Nura Hussain. Dan Ibro.The Kano incident should be an eye opener to all royals in Northern Nigeria. Royals should imbibe the culture of loyalty and total submission to will of Allah SWT once He decides on anything, as exemplified in the lives of our forefathers.

We should also learn to reject the danger of temptation, greed and lust for power orchestrated by personal ambition….

Nuhu Dan Hausa wakar ganduje 2019

But alas, as Allah would have it, Ciroma Aminu lost out to his namesake, Alhaji Muhammadu Aminu, and hence did not hesitate in paying allegiance to the new emir as the royal tradition demands.

Shehu Idris. All the three candidates lost out to the year-old much younger and rather less influential Shehu Idris, who became the 18th Fulani emir of Zazzau. This they accepted as the will of God, paid allegiance to the new emir and moved on with their normal lives as true princes do. But as the true prince that he was, the offer was outrightly rejected. He was said to have politely told General Kyari that he would rather inherit the throne of Zazzau, not that of Kaduna, and would not like history to record him as the man who led to the destruction of their most cherished heritage because of personal ambition and greed.

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He was noted to have said that if it was the will of God that he would be emir, the exalted God would make him one. If not, he prayed that someone in his lineage would one day enjoy such benevolence. Magaji Nuhu Bamalli eventually died inwithout seeing his most cherished and noble aspiration coming to fruition.

Whether someone from his lineage would be crowned as Sarkin Zazzau one day is a matter for the pregnant and unpredictable future to decide. The above rather long and somehow boring historical narration is important to understanding the dangerous precedent that has been set in Kano with the balkanisation of the once noble Kano Emirate by politicians.

Ado Bayero was in a class of his own… Unlike Sanusi II, he was an introvert and therefore was economical with his choice of words. But despite his reserved nature, Alhaji Abubakar Rimi as governor of Kano State in still fell out with Emir Ado Bayero, which made him balkanise the Emirate, denigrate the emir in public, while threatening to depose him. Ado Bayero was in a class of his own. He represented everything that was expected of a king. He was a gentleman per excellence.

Unlike Sanusi II, he was an introvert and therefore was economical with his choice of words.

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Luck ran out on the latter. And much more, a member of the Emir Dabo lineage should never have allowed history to record him as being part of that unfortunate incident. Kano Emirate is not the same anymore. In a nutshell, owing to its historical significance and relevance, the Kano Emirate should never have been balkanised.

Word of caution for Kano and Northern Princes

We should also learn to reject the danger of temptation, greed and lust for power orchestrated by personal ambition, as demonstrated by Magajin Garin Zazzau, Alhaji Nuhu Bamalli.

Owner of Sovereignty!

nuhu dan kano song

Thou givest sovereignty unto whom Thou wilt. Thou exaltest whom Thou will, and Thou abaset whom Thou wilt. In Thy hand is the good. Thou art Able to do all things. Main News About Us Contact. We should also learn to reject the danger of temptation, greed and lust for power orchestrated by personal ambition… When emir of Zazzau, late Mallam Jafaru Dan Isyaku died ina lot of people had thought that Ciroman Zazzau, Aminu, elder brother to the then influential Magajin Garin Zazzau, Alhaji Nuhu Bamalli would ascend the throne as the 17th Fulani emir of Zazzau.

Share this:. Place your ad here Loading This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Necessary Always Enabled.Kano adalah sebuah perahu kecil dan sempit, yang biasanya digerakkan dengan tenaga manusia, namun ada juga yang menggunakan layar. Bentuk kano umumnya lancip pada kedua ujungnya dan terbuka di bagian atasnya, tetapi bagian ini dapat diberi tutup.

Kano yang menggunakan tenaga manusia digerakkan dengan Kayuh. Jumlah pengayuhnya tergantung pada ukuran kanonya sendiri umumnya dua.

nuhu dan kano song

Para pengayuh duduk menghadap ke arah tujuan perjalanan. Mereka duduk di pada pendukung yang ada di badan perahu, atau berlutut langsung di badan perahu tersebut. Hal ini membedakan cara mengayuh kano dengan dayung olahraga dayung; dalam dayung para pengayuh duduk membelakangi tujuan perahunya. Kayuh kano dapat bersisi tunggal atau bersisi dua.

Kano aluminium, Upper Klamath Lake. Kano tipe pirogue di Kepulauan Solomon. Perempuan Ojibway di kanoe di Danau Leech. Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. Untuk penggunaan lain dari kata ini, lihat Kano disambiguasi. Kategori : Kano Perahu Olahraga dayung Peralatan olahraga. Ruang nama Halaman Pembicaraan. Tampilan Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Versi terdahulu. Komunitas Warung Kopi Portal komunitas Bantuan. Dalam proyek lain Wikimedia Commons.

Halaman ini terakhir diubah pada 28 Novemberpukul Lihat Ketentuan Penggunaan untuk lebih jelasnya. Wikimedia Commons memiliki media mengenai Kano.Your email has been added, thank you!

Danburam Abubakar Nuhu

Sometimes referred to as Kano State Museum, this is a major tourist attraction given its historic importance as where Western education in the North started. Named so after the title 'Son of Hausa' given to the Swiss tutor that started western education in the North, Mr Hanns Fischer, because he wrote and spoke Hausa language, this museum houses a collection of artifacts from stone age to present day.

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It is also the first colonial residency in Kano. Toggle navigation Hotels. Gidan Dan Hausa. Transportation By car and motorbike. Category Monument. Tags Explore nature, Learn, Sightseeing. Weekly summary of interesting things happening in Lagos. Sign Up. History of Gidan Dan Hausa. This was built in Built in This is a very safe location. What To Bring. Before heading to Gidan Dan Hausa, here are some helpful things to take along with you:.

Camera to capture the sights and take selfies with. Hat or cap to shield from sun during the tour. Best Features. Been to Gidan Dan Hausa before?Build a computer page-by-page.

Connect the board, buttons and bits, learn how they work. Easily the best kid-tech thing I've ever experienced. Code pictures, build animations, and make musical masterpieces. Take control of Minecraft, Pong and Snake. Play with Google's Song Maker. Create and collaborate with the Kano World community. Be inspired, make, share, and play with art, music, and games by people of all skill levels. See the code behind any creation, then tweak it to make something new.

Safe and friendly. The original visual programming language. Program your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Create colorful art, cartoons and more. Make your own beats, sounds, and songs. Add your own voice by connecting a microphone. Code your own Minecraft powers. Build castles in minutes, create waterfalls of lava and towers of TNT.

Discover new skills and experiences, follow along with Kano challenges, even watch your favorite cat videos. Build up coding skills, build websites, learn html, CSS, Ruby, Javascript and more, with world renowned courses. Harness gravity and force to create pulleys and levers to make the little red thing into to the little yellow thing. Set up your parental controls, block specific sites and keywords, keep browsing safe and secure.

Kano One Year Free Warranty Standard manufacturer limited warranty; covers all manufacturer defects by repair or replacement determined by Kano. Does not cover accidental damage. It starts on the date of purchase until one year after the date of purchase. Can only be purchased through Kano. Kano Premium Warranty Covers everything from the Kano Extended Warranty plus all accidental damage and daily usage damage. Kano is for all ages. Our youngest maker has been 4.

Our oldest, over If you can read, you can start.Welcome to the Audio section of Dandali. This section contains a mix of different Hausa sounds such as Radio programs, speeches, poetry, songs, prose, music and much more. Listen to these Hausa sounds and send your comments, suggestions and or recommendations via webmaster Thanks for visiting and come back again as we will be adding Hausa audio files as soon as we get them. You need to have Realplayer installed in your computer in order to listen to these Hausa audio files.

Download and install a free version of the RealPlayer if you do not have it already. Soultan sic is not a rapper, but a Hausa Techno think Yanni. Abdullahi Mighty and Menne are semi-rappers, including Ragamuffin in their works they also collaborated on Menne's debut CD.

Lakal Kaney are the biggest rap act in Niger followed by Kaidan Gaskiya. This track -- like the rest of the album check out the MP3 tag for full details is brilliant. Billy Tibani is a gambara wot? If you wish to discuss this by adding your comments or view other peoples comments regarding this Musical Sampler, you can click on the following link Abdalla Uba Adamu.

Broadcast times, possible frequencies bandslocations broadcast to, web site link and if programs are electronically archived are included. This is a growing list. So if you know or have a favorite radio station s that broadcast news or other programs in Hausa language, please submit it to us so we can add it to this list. This is a mixture -- a sort ofgrill. This Audio section of Dandali provides a list of Radio Stations that broadcast news and other programs in Hausa language.

Tafsir - Late Mallam Abubakar Gummi - -. Afirka muso juna - wakokin Abubakar Ladan Zariya. Links KanoOnline.Nuhu who has significant followers in Africa and the Nigerian diaspora worldwide in terms of audience size and income, has been described as one of the most successful film stars in Africa. Even with the continued controversies befalling his image in the north. The actor is set to be one of the best in Nollywood Kannywood.

He has been seen in around some European countries this year shooting some blockbusters for Kannywood. He is a rare mix of versatility, innovativeness and raw stage audacity. On account of his towering profile among his peers he is easily referred to as the King of Kannywood having featured in hundreds of Hausa language and English language movies.

This has earned him numerous accolades than any other actor in Kannywood. He is a trend-setter being the only actor to have successfully cut across the northern and southern axis of Nigeria doing what he was born to do: acting, producing and directing movies. He has a significant followership in Africa and among Nigerians worldwide. To his credit, he has featured in over Hausa and English movies. He is a multiple award winner, honoured both at home and abroad including the Afro Holywood Award in London.

Endowed with good look, a frame naturally suited for the big stage, he has remained a role model for teeming Nigerian youths espousing the value and virtue of hard work. He is the quintessential Nigerian man: cognitively gifted and innovative.

He is a sought-after brand and fondly called the Emir of Kannywood or simply King Ali. He spent the highest number of his years growing in Yakasai,No Man's land and Hausawa areas of Kano town. Having over a Hausa and 50 English movies to his credit and 15 awards to with at least 10 from a competative category.

He attended Riga Special Primary School, Government Commercial Secondary School and Science Secondary School in Kano State where he obtained his primary certificate, junior secondary certificate and senior secondary certificate respectively.

He obtained a degree in Geography from the University of Jos. He is married with 3 children. Celebrated his 9th wedding anniversary and 38th birthday Thursday, March 15, User Tools Login. Site Tools. Table of Contents Ali Nuhu. Ali Nuhu was born on the 15th of March in a Maiduguri town. Mountain Blues????

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